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Sibirya Suede Gloves

Sibirya Suede Gloves

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Sibirya suede gloves with a furry inner lining that helps keep your hands warm in cold weather.

Sibirya Suede Gloves

- First class 100% genuine sheepskin

- First class 100% genuine sheep hair lining

- Standard size


* For cleaning; You can clean it with the soft side of a clean and dry dish sponge.

Sibirya Suede Gloves

Sibirya genuine suede leather gloves protect your hands with elegance on cold weather days, offering a perfect balance between elegance and warmth. This glove, which is among Filinta's special designs, stands out with first-class materials and carefully made details.

This suede glove is made using first class 100% genuine sheepskin. The same quality genuine sheepskin lining keeps your hands warm and comfortable. The standard size appeals to a wide range of users.

Cleaning the glove is quite simple. You can easily clean it using the soft side of a clean and dry dish sponge. This practical feature makes the Siberian glove ideal for daily use.

To complete your style while keeping your hands warm on cold days, you can discover Siberian suede gloves and enjoy Filinta's special designs.

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